What is PaintballDoes it hurt?What do I wear?How much will it cost? Is it safe?Can I bring my own paint?
Do we close during winter?
How old do you have to be? How much do we tip the refs?What is Field Paint Only

What is Paintball? Paintball is a fun, adrenaline filled game where teams are pitted against each other in a variety of different scenarios. The basic concept is to eliminate the other team by shooting them with a Paintball marker. Remember Capture the flag? Well, that's one type of game you can play. For Parties we have games that will feature the Birthday boy/girl or bachelor such as "president" or "Hostage". At Blast Camp, our refs are trained to know a variety of different games that best suit their groups skill level and field they're on.

Does it hurt to get hit by a paintball?This is the most commonly asked question and the answer truly is...it depends. At Blast Camp we regulate how fast the markers shoot and in private games, at your request, your referee can lower it even more. Most times you're hit from a distance and your adrenaline is pumping so much that it feels like a slight pinch. But... if you're up close and get hit, it can hurt. So here are the options: First - wear appropriate clothing like a long sleeved shirt or pull over sweatshirt; Second -rent one of our protective vests or jackets - it's $5.00 well spent! Or.... just don't get hit!!

What should I wear? Most people find that wearing jeans or camouflage pants along with a long sleeved shirt or pull over sweatshirt works really well. Some others wear a few pair of pants and layer their shirts. Whichever way you go make sure you're covered completely, including neck protection like a bandanna or neck protector. We REQUIRE that players between the ages of 10-13 have no exposed skin. We have a pro shop on site that will gear you up if you need it including disposable camo overalls for 9.99. Paint washes out so don't worry about ruining your clothes. We've even had bachelors wear their tuxedos!

How much will it cost? An average day of Paintball will run you between $40-$70 depending on how much paint you shoot , if you have your own equipment, and if you come with a group. Check our rates and promotional days pages to see how you can save the most money.

Is Paintball Safe? YES! In fact, Paintball has ranked among the safest outdoor sports for years in injuries requiring a doctor visit (Source: SGMA International). This includes ankle sprains and scratches. Blastcamp has led the way in recent years in safety by creating special rules for players 10-13 years of age. These "kids rules" must be followed in addition to our standard policies. Commercial fields like Blastcamp have liability insurance that cover injuries and those insurance companies make us adhere to very strict safety standards. On the other hand, when people play on unestablished fields (like a backyard or in a forest) they do get hurt because they don't follow basic safety standards. So don't be offended if our staff is strict about your mask or barrel cover, they're doing what's necessary to keep everyone safe.

How much paint do I need and can I bring my own? The average player will use between 750-1000 paintballs in a half day game. Most groups share a case (2000 qty) between 2-3 players. Blast Camp does not allow players to bring their own paint to our field. Any player found to be using non-field paint will be asked to leave. We do offer pre payment discounts and promotional days.

Do you close during winter? NO, we don't close during winter. Our field is always open for group outings by appointment. Open play is limited to certain weekends during winter. Check our events page to see all the promotional days and discounts. This year, due to such high demand, we're having a few big games in the snow!

How old do you have to be to play? All players must be 10 years or older. Players under 18 must have a Underage Waiver signed by a parent or guardian. You can find this form on our home page. Also, players between 10-13 years old must adhere to special "kids rules" to ensure safety.

How long do the games last? A typical game will last between 5-15 minutes then the teams will reload, and go back out. Overall, an outing can be a half day (3-4 hours) or a full day (6-7 hours) in which your ref will have you play on all our different fields and play a variety of different types of games.

How much should we tip our referee? Tips are always appeciated but never required. So, if you feel your referee exceeded your expectations 2-5 dollars per person is typical.

What does "Field paint only" mean? This means that you cannot bring in paint bought at another retailer. We have this policy for a few reasons. First, lower quality paintballs are made with different materials and they don't break on impact as well which means - THEY HURT! Secondly, at Blast Camp, our buildings (which have been around since the 1950's) are one of our biggest assets. The fill in our paint contains no oil to leave the walls sticky and nearly impossible to clean